Friday, 7 February 2014

Day 240- The Sunshine Blogger Award

Roll out the red carpet, get your cameras ready, grab the champagne bottle(s) and the rose pedals, I'm in a celebratory mood this evening. Why? Yesterday I received my second blog award. That makes two awards in one week. About freakin time!  I mean, I've only been blogging for 240 days people! 240 days and 240 posts. I think that justifies a toast. Finally someone is giving me the recognition I deserve (and sickly crave).
What is that sound? That is just me clapping for myself while doing a little dance. #multitasking

Jokes aside, this bright and beaming award has really put a big smile on my face. Thank you Zee Southcombe for nominating me!

Zee is the brilliant master mind behind the blog Making Happiness. Check it out HERE.
I stumbled across this blog on Google+ where she invited people to send send in guest-posts for her blog.
She kindly accepted my little piece on Happiness/Gratefulness (link to guest-post HERE) and I've been following her blog ever since. In Zee's own words:  "Ultimately, the purpose of my blogging, my fiction writing, and my teaching is to encourage critical thinking for positive change."

How could you not follow a blog like that? 

Now. To the practical part of this award. According to the rules I have to give 11 random facts about myself and nominate 10 other bloggers. (And let them know they have been nominated.) 

First things first. Here are my 10 nominees for the Sunshine Blogger Award:

Buddhist monk, photographer and author Matthieu Ricard has been declared 'the happiest man in the world.'  He clearly has something to teach us. His brain scan reveals that he has the largest capacity for happiness ever recorded. What is his secret? Listen to him speak about happiness in this inspiring Ted Talk

Ted Talks are an incredible way to learn about new topics and  meet interesting people.The Ted Blog is equally full of fascinating articles, posts and ideas. It is such a great venue to get up-to-date on what is happening in the world, in a positive way. I always feel like a better person after visiting this blog. 

Blogger Jessica Elliott has a special talent for finding not-so-cute babies in old paintings. The weird/scary/ugly/unusual looking infants featured in this blog is made even more funny with Jessica's honest and brilliant comments. Why would anyone paint babies looking like that? 

Who doesn't love the Honest Toddler? The twitter feeds, the book, the blog, I am such a fan. Tweets like: 'There are no more carefree nights and weekends. You signed up for a child not a mobile phone' - is to die for. The blog is equally fantastic. This toddler must never grow up. 

Deanna Dahlsad has gathered a huge range of kitchen and household tips dating back to a time when being thrifty, practical and economical was a way of life. Some of the tips might seem crazy, but they actually work. No need to re-invent the wheel, just do what grandma did. 

This is a unique food blog. Jack Monroe is a writer, journalist and campaigner for poverty. Back in 2012 she lived on a shoestring budget of only £10 a week to cook for herself and her son. She started posting her recipes and wrote openly about hunger and poverty. This year she won the  Fortnum & Mason Award for 'inspiring and encouraging people to explore, enjoy and experiment with food'. 

This food blog makes me want to give up writing and bake all day long instead. Can someone please pay me to do that? Where does Michelle come up with all these delectable recipes? And why is she so thin? When I first found this blog I had no choice but to close the laptop and put on an apron. I can't wait to try the Katherine Hepburn Brownie recipe. 

I always like to read about people who are actively working on improving their lives in a meaningful way. Shelley Wilson's blog is about just that, written in a personal and reflective style. She is also a fellow NaNoWriMo winner. Hurrah for us! 

This blog is a rear treat. It's about two priests, with a feminine outlook on the world. After all, celebrating the Eucharist with a slipping bra strap adds perspective. Rev Laurie Brock and Rev Mary Koppel are pure gold. Writing=brilliant. Topic=interesting  Uniqueness=210 point. 

Blogger and poet John Lavan  has a  poetry project to write 99 modern sonnets, each inspired by one of the 99 beautiful names of God from the Sufi tradition.  What a wonderful project. I have just discovered this blog, can't wait to go back and read all the poems. 

                                                                ♥      ♥ 

11 Random Facts About Me:
  1. I like getting older
  2. I love walking in the rain
  3. I always bake my own bread
  4. My name means Fortress
  5. I don't always comb my hair
  6. I love spicy food
  7. I can't sleep when it's a full moon
  8. I've known my best-friend since we both were babies
  9. I wish my voice was deeper
  10. I would like to own an owl
  11. I actually celebrate Valentine's Day


  1. Thank you so much for your nomination, I am very honoured. My Resolution Challenge blog is a huge part of my life and I love writing it and keeping up with all my challenges (it certainly keeps me out of mischief!) Good luck to all the wonderful blogs who have been nominated, what an incredible mix there is! :-)

    1. It's just so good to write things down, it creates a momentum or something. Good luck with all your challenges:)

  2. Fact # 3 7 and 9 had me like "WHAAAA - ?!" That's so interesting.

    At number #8, I thought Aww! For some reason, when I was younger, I thought it was extremely important to have a lifelong friend (I think I picked that up from a Jacqueline Wilson book), so I'd stick close to girls I knew from nursery. The problem is that me and those girls don't actually have very much in common, and I eventually realised that it was silly to manufacture a friendship. I now have loads of acquaintances and a few closer friends, and I like that much better. I guess that was simply my destiny in this lifetime!

    Congratulations on your second award, by the way! You're right, that is a huge achievement, although I must say, it is very well deserved. This blog attracts writers in a magnet-like way, I think because it symbolises many different things that are important to being a writer.

    For me, your blog symbolises Perseverance, which for me is very precious as my own self-criticism is normally my obstacle with finishing a piece of writing, so... yaaar.

    I will check out those blogs as soon as I get the opportunity. Thanks again!

    1. Thank you Star! Someone once told me that if you have more than 6 friends you don't have a life. Friends take time, so they should. However, personally I'd rather have a few really good ones than a huge gathering of people I only feel so-so about. You can meet your bestfriend when you are 80 or when you are 8. Doesn't matter as long as the connection is there.
      As for perseverance: Ignore all critic while writing. If not none of us would ever get anything done. Artificial deadlines also works. I'm always experimenting with different ways of being more effective. It helps to have a goal. The goal for this blog is to write everyday. I don't care if it's good or bad as long as I'm writing.

    2. That's true. I used to have artificial deadlines but it would really get me down when I couldn't stick them. I kept trying though, and I'll continue to do so. Thanks! =D

  3. Some awesome new blogs to follow - yay! I am completely taken by Matthieu Ricard's photography already! Thanks for sharing my blog with such lovely words, and for giving us a mixed list of new blogs to discover.

    I'm going to add "Eclecticism" to Star's "Perseverance". This is important to me because I have a tendency to judge my journey against linear paths and need reminders to embrace the squiggly path I am on.

    Number 1 & 2 are me also - my brother and dad can't stand walking in the rain (maybe they're witches and think they'll melt??), but I love it - as long as I can have a hot chocolate when I get home, hehe. And I appreciate getting older. I'm growing and learning and it almost feels as if the older I get, the more life has to offer. Not that I'm rejecting my younger years, I just don't really want to go back to them.

    1. I had to look up eclecticism! (English is not my first language). That seems to fit:) I think most interesting paths are un-linear. Even though, I do sometimes wish for a more straight forward life. It's just not how I'm wired.
      I'm so with you, as I'm getting older life is richer and fuller and I see more options and possibilities. Nothing wrong with being young, just no need to go back.
      I might send you another guest-post soon. So much to write, so little time...

    2. Wow - your English is very clear and concise for a non-native speaker. I do, too, sometimes, but I don't really want it - it's just the 'grass is greener' attitude coming through!

      I was going to send you an email about that, it sounds like you have a lot to say! Feel free to send me a post whenever - I'd love to keep featuring you x

    3. Send me an email:) You have my address.

    4. Er, don't mind if I butt in, haha - agreed, your English is excellent! I hope to speak a second language as well as you do in the near future. That would be greeeat =D

      I love the word eclectic, it's so edgyyy. Though this is the second time in my life I've heard somebody use it!

    5. Ooh what language would you like to learn!

      And I use the word eclectic a lot - because I have eclectic taste in EVERYTHING lol.

    6. When I first heard it, I always thought about using it and then didn't for fear of misusing it XD

      Well, it's a bit of a long story, but I'll cut it down! I learned French and German at school, forgot all of the former, remembered some of the later. My huge interest in Japanese culture let me to study it at university, then whenever my sister thinks we'll be going on holiday somewhere, I try to learn the language for that place before we go, only we never do. That's how I started learning Spanish and Italian. Now we're going to Cyprus... -sigh-

      In the end - I knew a couple words of many things, but I'd like to pursue Japanese because it's a wonderful language once you know how it works. Though I suppose you could say that for anything! And after I want to learn the rest that I started learning. O_O

      (Sorry to talk your ears off. =/ )

  4. wow, congratulations!! I asked you on another post (which you might not have seen) but what is a "recovering PA"? Just curious.

    1. Hi Amy, I thought I had answered that one, but maybe just in my head:) It happens. PA here is short for Personal Assistance, or Private Secretary. Executive Assistance. Basically making other people's life easy and and organised, time to work for just me!

  5. in the U.S. it means Physician's Assistant, a person who has had a lot of medical training and is like a doctor but not a doctor. Thanks for explaining. I'm sorry if I missed your answer elsewhere! ;o)

    1. You can read about me being a PA here: Never boring!